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Medical Grade Degreased Copper Tube and Fittings
Copper Tube
Product Summary
We supply kitemarked degreased copper tube and fittings to BS EN 13348. Straight length copper tube is available in 3m & 6m lengths. Diameters range from 12mm to 219mm.
All medical tube complies with the latest National Health Service (NHS) HTM 02-01 spec.
Specific Benefits Include:
  • Tighter limits on cleanliness determination
  • Improved identification to avoid confusion with similar sizes of water service tube

Material Analysis:
  • Material Grade Phosphorus de-oxidised copper; Cu-DHP or CW024A as defined in BS EN 1976.
  • Minimum Copper Content 99.90% (including silver)
  • Phosphorous 0.015-0.040%
  • Total Impurity Maxima 0.060% (excluding phosphorus and silver)
  • The melting point of copper is 1083⁰ and it has a density of 8.9hm/cc

We take the cleanliness of our medical gas copper tube very seriously. We achieved EN 13348 (medical gas) standard over 10 years ago and were the first British company to be awarded the kitemark licence to supply to licence to supply to this standard.
Maximum total carbon content 0.20mg/dm².
Each tube individually end-capped, tube bundles polythene wrapped and sealed.
Sizes 12mm-108mm copper tubes are stamped and inkjet market with:
  • Tube Size
  • Kitemark
  • EN 13348
  • Temper
  • Manufacturer
  • Date & Branch Code 12mm to 28mm sizes are also inkjet marked with additional data to enable traceability

Sizes above 108mm (133mm/159mm/219mm) are made to EN 1057 and cleaned to EN 13348