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We are the leading independent British manufacturer of Medical Gas Pipeline Systems, from Design to Dispatch, we do it all. What started from humble beginnings has developed into an ever-expanding company with over 30 years’ experience. Carrying out business in a safe, efficient and consistent manner is our priority, and we never miss the mark. A company built on principles surrounding integrity, reliability, and ambition. With a global market spanning areas such as the Middle and Far East, Asia and Africa, our customer base is as increasingly diverse as our ideas.
Connect Medical Systems was built to last. We make sure this quality is injected into our products from purchasing to preparation. Committed to producing longevity in our product, we support all models and items produced in our factory. We even have running plant equipment older than some of the team!
We think of innovation like a river, a constant flow of ideas of improvement. Eventually leading to something bigger. CMS live in the now and work to implement concepts that embrace modern ideas. We create an environment that encourages discussion and open dialogue.
As a tight knit group of professionals behind Connect Medical Systems, we’ve found teamwork and dependability are what we value and take pride in. We have strong foundations in building a rapport with each customer, travelling to our markets to engage with and get involved in the project. CMS works alongside customers, completing projects spanning the globe. We know that when it comes to something as important as Medical Gas, the right expertise is vital.