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Medical Gas Outlet
Product Summary
High quality, safe and easy to install This quick and easy-to-install medical gas outlet is a cost-effective solution for anyone looking for a high-quality, British-made product from a reputable UK manufacturer with decades of experience in designing and producing medical gas pipeline systems.
For hospital and laboratory settings The terminal unit is suitable for piped medical gas installations on surface, flush, bed-head and pendant mounting in a hospital or laboratory setting.
Key features and technical details The medical gas outlet unit is manufactured under strict quality controls in which every terminal unit is subject to full pressure and functionality tests before dispatch. Batch numbers are applied for traceability. Each unit is individually packaged to provide maximum protection during storage & transit. The outlet is also colour coded and clearly labelled for quick gas recognition.
Jig fixing plates for alignment are available in flush mounting applications.
The unit is designed to comply fully with the stringent requirements for probes meeting BS 5682:1984, BS 6834:1987 (AGSS) BS EN ISO 9170-1 BS EN ISO 9170-2 (AGSS) C11 and HTM 2022, HTM 02-01.
Available for - Oxygen, Nitrous oxide, Entonox, Medical Air 400kPa, Surgical Air 700kPa, Heliox, Medical Vacuum, AGSS.
15 mm pipe stub connection comes as standard. Other options are available to suit customer requirements.
The unit has high flow capabilities thanks to our innovative design features. We have the biggest openings possible, meaning smaller pressure drops across the outlet resulting in a more stable flow of gas provided to a patient.
The units have been designed for quick and easy installation, resulting in minimal disruption during installation. The unit can also be easily installed using conversion kits to fit other manufacturers’ existing first-fix equipment.
They have also been designed to be low maintenance, with easy servicing thanks to the 100% sealing 1st fix, and ease of servicing the cartridge valve between the 1st and 2nd fix. Easy servicing and maintenance means less or no downtime therefore making the unit extremely cost-effective.
Sealed with anti microbial coating conforming to ISO 22196:2011. Formulated to kill and prevent growth of microorganisms.
Why buy from Connect Medical Systems? Our medical gas outlet is a high-quality, rigorously tested and cost-effective solution. Our units have been exceeding Medical Gas Pipeline standards since 1998. We have a full range of spare parts always available. We offer full warranty and technical backup for one year from commissioning, with extended warranties, and extended technical support packages available on request.
Connect Medical Systems Link products are made in the UK, CE marked to the medical devices directive, and in use all over the world.