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Bed Head Unit
Product Summary
Bedhead 2.0 The Adapt Bedhead Unit is our new and improved product, introducing strong design elements and high-quality construction, with simple and unobtrusive appearance. We present the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and product functionality. For use in all hospital environments The Adapt Bedhead Unit is suitable for all hospital settings and departments. Including, but not limited to, Critical Care, A&E, and Operating Departments
Key features and technical details Enjoy a completely customisable Bedhead Unit with our modular design features and range of accessories. With this there is no standard, each unit is made tailored to your specifications. We can provide accessories, or just provide provisions. With Adapt, it’s entirely your choice. Made with high quality aluminium, Adapt offers durability and longevity while also remaining lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.
Easier to install, too. We fit the Bedhead Unit with a mounting rail that makes the unit quick and easy to affix. The unit is installed surface mounted, but does not protrude into the clinical area assuring a practical yet stylish finish.
The improved bedhead profile boasts a more hygienic quality where the top panel has been constructed at a slant to decrease the likelihood of dust build-up, this slant covers the Medical Gas Outlets to also prevent any collection.
There are several ducts within the Bedhead Unit that allow for a more secure interior. Medical Gases and electrical works are kept completely separate to greatly reduce any interference between the two sources.
We know Medical Gas, and we know hospitals, the Adapt Bedhead Unit features a strategic design, with a profile that cleverly overcasts the terminal units fixed into the panel, ensuring a protective barrier so that when motorised hospital beds are raised, they elevate further from the terminal units, effectively preventing any potential damage.
Manufactured to comply with: HTM 02-01, HTM 2022, HTM 08-03, C11, BS EN ISO 11197:2009 All Bedhead Units and accessories are tested prior to dispatch to ensure the highest quality
Connect Medical Systems Link products are made in the UK, CE marked to the Medical Devices Directive, and in use all over the world.
Why buy from Connect Medical Systems? We are committed to applying the highest standards for all of our products, and have crafted the Bedhead Unit with precision, providing top-notch features without compromising on cost. As the manufacturer, we take pride in offering customisation options, tailoring each unit to meet your specific needs. Choose our Bedhead Unit for a combination of cutting-edge design, premium quality, and the flexibility to have it precisely the way you envision