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Quality is Safety

Connect Medical Systems have a firm grasp of the Medical Gas Industry and we know that quality is not questionable. We have been advocates for excellence for 20 years. Our Quality Control System, from design to dispatch, has been certified to ISO 13485:2016 (last renewed – 29th of March 2022) and before you get your product, they are always assembled and tested to this standard, so you can trust that you’ll receive nothing less than distinction.
Quality is Safety, and we’ve let you know safety is our first and second priority. We have designed all of our products with this in mind. The terminal Unit: a small element, designed with the utmost dedication to safety. For example, all of our Terminal Units, by design, make cross connection absolutely impossible. Vital in any medical facility.
Our commitment to providing safe and reliable products is ever ongoing, and we will continue to adhere to strict Quality Standards to ensure the uppermost level of safety and excellence.