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We are proud to unveil the latest project we’ve taken on here at Connect Medical Systems (CMS) – a brand-new bespoke cylinder filling station, designed, installed and tested by our team of expert engineers, in the heart of Riyadh, resulting in a much faster and more efficient system.
Here at CMS, we never back down from a challenge. Not only are we the leading British Manufacturer of Medical Gas Pipeline Systems, we also use our materials in the aviation industry. The tailor-made Cylinder Filling Station is ideal for remote environments, in which the supply of regular cylinders is not straightforward. It provides resiliency for cylinder manifold backups without straining external supply routes. Our Cylinder Filling Stations are made to order, fitting each individual client’s needs. Beyond manufacturing, we also offer global site installation, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience, with installation, testing, and commissioning taking around two days on average.
Upon arriving on site, the team perform a pre-installation assessment, analysing the allocated space for the Cylinder Filling Station installation and adjusting their designs accordingly. The mechanical installation is completed first, with all components fixed in position and ready for electrical installation. After verifying the power supply meets the required standards, the electrical work is completed. Finally, the Cylinder Filling Station is powered on, and all internal systems and parameters, pre-set and tested at the CMS factory, are retested on site.
Our team will soon return to Riyadh to expand the use of this and other Cylinder Filling Stations at this site. Overall, this project has been a huge success for us, and we are excited to explore future possibilities within this sector of the industry.
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Stay tuned for more exciting updates on other installation projects we have in the pipeline!