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Setting the Standard: Unrivaled Excellence in HTM 02-01 Compliance and Advanced Features

In the realm of medical gas systems, the choice of an Area Valve Service Unit (AVSU) plays a pivotal role in ensuring patient safety, compliance with standards, and overall system reliability. At Connect Medical Systems, we take pride in offering AVSUs that not only meet the rigorous HTM 02-01 standard but also go above and beyond with additional features to elevate performance and reliability.
1. Unwavering Commitment to Quality: Connect Medical Systems stands firm in its commitment to excellence. Unlike compromising on manufacturing to cut costs, each AVSU is meticulously crafted to the highest industry standards, ensuring a consistent and secure gas supply for healthcare facilities.
2. Individual Keying for Precision Control: To meet the HTM 02-01 standard, our AVSUs are individually keyed, allowing for precise control over critical gas access. This security feature ensures that only authorised personnel can manage and monitor gas usage effectively, enhancing overall facility safety.
3. Emergency Preparedness with NIST Connections: Recognising the critical nature of emergency situations, our AVSUs are designed with NIST connections up and down stream in line with HTM 02-01 standards. Ensuring readiness for unforeseen scenarios and facilitating quick response measures.
4. Comprehensive Compliance: Our AVSUs not only adhere to the HTM 02-01 standard but also meet the requirements of C11, reflecting our dedication to comprehensive compliance with industry standards and regulations.
5. High-Quality Epoxy Powder Coating: Enhancing durability and corrosion resistance, our AVSUs feature high-quality epoxy powder coating. This not only provides a protective layer but also ensures a sleek and professional finish, contributing to the longevity of the unit.
6. Easy-Clean Surfaces for Hygiene: Understanding the importance of hygiene in medical environments, our AVSUs are designed with easy-clean surfaces. This feature facilitates straightforward maintenance and promotes a clean and sanitary environment, crucial for healthcare settings.
7. Steel Construction for Enhanced Safety: The use of steel construction for both front and back plates adds an extra layer of rigidity, especially in the case of fire. This feature enhances the overall robustness and safety of our AVSUs, ensuring reliability even in challenging conditions.
8. 100% Seal NIST Non-Return Valve: Equipped with a 100% seal NIST non-return valve, utilising an 'O'-ring seal, our AVSUs ensure optimal gas flow control and minimise the risk of leaks or cross-contamination, meeting the highest standards of safety and reliability.
9. Break Glass Panel for Emergency Access: In emergency situations, quick and easy access to valves is paramount. Our AVSUs are equipped with a break glass panel, providing swift access to valves when needed most, streamlining emergency response.
10. Surface and Flush Mounting Options: Recognising the diverse needs of healthcare facilities, our AVSUs offer both surface and flush mounting options, providing flexibility in installation to suit unique requirements.
11. Various Pipe Sizes for Versatility: Supporting a range of pipe sizes, from 15mm through to 54mm, our AVSUs accommodate different specifications, ensuring compatibility with various medical gas systems and facilitating seamless integration.
12. High-Quality Full Bore Valves for Efficient Control: Utilising high-quality full bore valves with serviceable seals, our AVSUs ensure efficient gas flow control and long-term reliability, contributing to the consistent performance of medical gas systems.
13. Integral Color-Coded Gas Identity Fascia: For quick and easy recognition of gases, each unit features an integral color-coded gas identity fascia. This design streamlines identification, minimising the risk of errors in gas selection and promoting efficiency in healthcare settings.
14. Jig Plates for Precise Alignment: Jig plates are available to ensure precise alignment in multiple valve installations, simplifying the installation process and promoting accuracy, reducing the likelihood of errors.
15. Easy Installation and Testing: Each unit is provided pre-piped and tested, facilitating easy installation and ensuring that our AVSUs meet the highest standards of performance and safety right from the start.
Incorporating these advanced features, Connect Medical Systems sets the standard for AVSUs that not only meet industry benchmarks but exceed expectations. Our AVSUs offer unparalleled quality, functionality, and user convenience, making them the ideal choice for healthcare facilities seeking the best in medical gas system solutions. Trust in Connect Medical Systems for excellence in HTM 02-01 compliance and advanced features that elevate performance and reliability to unprecedented levels.