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Continued Growth

Connect Medical Systems is proud to announce that we are expanding and thriving. As part of our continued growth, we are actively seeking a new trainee to join our dynamic Quality Management team. This opportunity not only reflects our success but also highlights the bright future that awaits our company.
The ideal candidate we are looking for should possess a fundamental understanding of office-level computer use. What we value most are qualities such as a trainable mindset, a quick grasp of written documents, and the ability to adapt swiftly to changing information. An unwavering commitment to doing things right.
While previous experience with our systems and quality management is not mandatory, we are committed to providing comprehensive training in these domains. Your journey with us will include technical training to ensure you're well-prepared for the role. We're not exclusively seeking applicants with pre-existing qualifications in the field because our primary goal is to foster and nurture the ideal candidate for this position. In fact, any prior familiarity with medical gas equipment is not required.
In this role, your daily responsibilities will revolve around collaborating with a close-knit office team and overseeing processes that have a significant impact on a larger segment of our organisation. This will encompass meticulous document reviews, underscoring the importance of possessing strong technical English skills as a valuable asset.
At Connect Medical Systems, we're all about growth, development, and seizing opportunities. Here's how you can benefit from joining our team:
1. Technical Excellence: This position is highly technical, and we will provide all the training you need to excel, including internal auditing, document control, and quality management in product design.
2. Cross-Training: If you're interested in expanding your skillset beyond the role, there are cross-training opportunities available in Sales and Purchasing Administration, allowing you to gain a broader set of skills within the office.
3.Travel Opportunities: As part of the role, there's potential for paid travel abroad with our sales team, including meeting clients and customers at exhibitions. While this is an exciting opportunity, it's not mandatory.
Join our team at Connect Medical Systems and be part of our journey of growth and development. We are a company on the rise, and your contribution will play a pivotal role in our continued success and expansion.