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Anti-microbial Medical Gas Outlets

In a constant pursuit of innovation and safety excellence, we are proud to announce a significant enhancement to our medical gas outlets. As part of our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and infection control in healthcare settings, our medical gas outlets now incorporate ISO 22196:2011 anti-microbial technology through the use of Biomaster additive.
Unparalleled Infection Control
Infection control has always been paramount in healthcare, but the recent global health challenges have heightened the importance of maintaining a sterile environment. Our newly improved medical gas outlets, treated with Biomaster additive, offer a proactive solution to minimize the risk of microbial contamination.
ISO 22196:2011 Compliance
Our commitment to patient safety and infection control led us to adopt ISO 22196:2011 as our benchmark. This international standard assesses the anti-microbial activity of non-porous surfaces, ensuring that our medical gas outlets meet the highest industry requirements for microbial resistance.
The Power of Biomaster Additive
Biomaster is a cutting-edge anti-microbial technology that has been proven effective against a wide range of harmful microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi. By integrating Biomaster additive into our medical gas outlets, we've taken a bold step toward creating a safer healthcare environment.
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