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Healthcare Estates 2023 - IHEEM

We’re going to IHEEM! Come and see us, we’ve got lots to show…
Whew! We’re busy this year. Vietnam was a great adventure for CMS, with new opportunities arising in the ever-growing market of the East. We loved taking part in the esteemed event and meeting old and new friends.
This time we’ll be staying close to home, though, and heading over to the Healthcare Estates Conference & Exhibition in Manchester. Here’s the info you need:
Date: 10th – 11th October
Time: 10th : 8:45am – 6:00pm 11th : 8:30am – 4:30pm
Place: Stand E28 at Manchester Central, M2 3GX
This year at IHEEM we will be showcasing our new envi Medical Air Plant range. You’ve heard the talk, (and if you haven’t then quickly head over to our previous newsletter that’ll give you a little insight into our new product), and now we have the opportunity to walk the walk.
An envi compressor and duplex desiccant dryer, manufactured by us in our Manchester factory will be proudly displayed on our stand. We invite you all to take a look at its sleek design and innovative technology.
We recognise the need for serious change in order to tackle the climate crisis, which is exactly why we have developed this range of air plants. The average medical air plant uses about 80,000 kWh of electricity per year.
That’s about 32 households. Per year.
That amount of electricity usage is something we can’t ignore. And after careful planning, research, testing, and manufacture, we have revolutionised the way medical air delivery can impact the environment. We divided it.
That’s right. You remember that ‘32 households’ estimate? With an envi medical air plant, that 32 becomes 16. That 80,000 kWh becomes 40,000 kWh. And that not only reduces the strain on power resources that come with a conventional medical air plant, but equally reduces the operational costs for healthcare facilities. We’ve done the maths, that’s a remarkable payback period of just 10 months.
It doesn’t stop there, let’s get back to the environmental benefits. Healthcare providers can reduce their carbon emissions by more than 10 tonnes annually.
That’s about 10 Great White Sharks. Per year.
Freat White Shark Comparison
And you might ask how…
Variable Speed Drive. Permanent Magnet Motors. The latest technology expertly blended with human intelligence to bring you an environmentally sound solution to the delivery of medical air. Again, you might ask how.
For a standard medical air plant, starting up takes masses of energy, and using HTM 02-01 as a guide, most healthcare facilities operate their medical air plant at about 20-50% capacity as standard. For a compressor, that means a lot of starts and stops.
The envi medical air plant uses the latest technology to provide a softer start, (i.e lower energy consumption), and instead of completely stopping, runs continually at a low kW rating, thus completely eliminating the need for constant high energy start/stopping.
And when you have a shiny knife, you want a shiny fork too, that’s why we’ve upgraded our dryer system to utilise the same innovative technology to minimise energy consumption while maintaining superior air quality.
So remember, stand E28. We can’t wait to see you there!