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We’re planning on adding to our website! Come check out the plans…

Here’s the gossip, we thought our website, while already informative, needed a little extra. After months of deliberation and preparation, we are finally confident in sharing the up and coming changes with you. There will be 3 new additions to the CMS website, designed to give you a more well-rounded insight into how we work and what we do.
About Us: Unveiling Our Story
Our new page will give you a chance to connect with us, and it gives us a chance to tell our side. We want to show you our mission, our values, and what we stand for as a company; and for you to know the people you work alongside and to understand the driving forces behind Connect Medical Systems. We believe it is essential to build a meaningful rapport with customers and partners, and we know that this is a step in the right direction. Plus, we couldn’t give up an opportunity to talk about ourselves.
Sustainability: revolutionising Medical Gas
Personally, we can’t wait for this section since it’s a current priority and we’ve done some amazing work in this regard. You’ll get to see all the work we’ve done and steps that we’re taking to reach future goals. Creating environmentally sound solutions in any capacity is extremely important, but especially in the Medical Gas Pipeline Systems industry, where such developments are generally few and far between. You can trust that you are working with a company that fully realises its responsibility to the environment.
Quality: Providing Excellence
We prioritise quality in every aspect of our business, we exceed expectations and constantly seek out ways to improve. But, we didn’t want you to just take our word for it. The quality page is designed to give you an in-depth overview of the company’s robust quality assurance processes, certification, and regulatory compliance efforts. This page is so you can be certain that you’re choosing a reliable manufacturer, dedicated to upholding the highest standards. From product development and manufacture through to dispatch and delivery, we aim to instill confidence that you can depend on us.
These are the major changes we’re looking to implement, but a few small additions will be considered. Our aim is to enhance the experience customers have when interacting with the website, and we hope this allows us to get a step closer to doing just that.
Until next time
  • Natasha: Sales and Marketing