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Our Greenest Medical Air Plant Yet

In today's environmentally conscious world, healthcare institutions are striving to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve sustainability goals. At CMS, we are proud to manufacture our most energy efficient plant so far from our new Envi range of medical air plants. These advanced systems incorporate cutting-edge Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology, permanent magnet motors and energy-efficient dryers, making them our greenest and most cost-effective solution yet. With a remarkable payback period of just 10 months, upgrading to the CMS Envi Medical Air Plant will bring you closer to achieving your Net Zero targets while enjoying significant energy savings.
The CMS Envi Medical Air Plant is equipped with state-of-the-art Variable Speed Drive technology. By dynamically adjusting the speed of the air compressor motor based on demand, the system optimises energy consumption to match the required flow rate accurately. This intelligent operation eliminates energy wastage during low-demand periods, resulting in substantial energy savings and a greener footprint.
In addition to VSD technology and permanent magnet motors the CMS Envi Medical Air Plant features energy-efficient dryers. These advanced dryers utilise innovative technology to minimise energy consumption while maintaining superior air quality. By combining the benefits of VSD and energy-efficient drying, our Envi range ensures optimal performance while minimising environmental impact.
With a payback period of 10 months, this means that within a short timeframe, the energy savings realised will cover the initial investment cost, providing a swift return on investment. By upgrading to the CMS Envi Medical Air Plant, healthcare institutions can experience financial benefits while actively contributing to a sustainable future.
The energy savings are based on an Medical Air Plant running at 50% of its design flow over 12 hours per day and a unit rate of 47.73p per KWh.