News > CMS install energy efficient dental vacuum plant in the effort to support the NHS with its Net Zero target

CMS install energy efficient dental vacuum plant in the effort to support the NHS with its Net Zero target

Let me set the scene: it’s the middle of the week, tomorrow’s chippy day, you feel good…and then you get the call. “Help! All systems down! Mayday Mayday! We need back up!” – okay, that’s not exactly how it went, but I get paid to keep things interesting. If you want the other version you can talk to our customer, Hospital Pipeline Installations, who called to let us know that the dental vacuum system for the Royal Alexandra Hospital had failed, and the department would be at risk of shutting down.
It was all systems go as soon as we got the call. We needed to help our customer, we needed to help the NHS, we needed to get stuff done.
And we did.
The very next day we dispatched an emergency vacuum system that would prevent closure, this would be maintained until we could send a more permanent system for them. Within 24hrs the temporary system was installed, up and running, and the hospital could keep up with NHS demand. HPI and CMS released a simultaneous sigh of relief, but it wasn’t over yet for us. We started on getting the permanent solution for the Royal Alexandra Hospital manufactured. We decided on a special little upgrade for this project, an energy efficient dental vacuum system built with VSD compressors to ensure a reduction in energy usage.
If you’ve been keeping up with us, you’ll know that we are completely committed to environmentally sound solutions, and introducing energy efficient alternatives in the medical gas pipeline industry. We have a responsibility to continue to provide excellent service by not only supporting our customers, but by helping them support the planet. You might have heard of our new envi medical air plant, (you can have a look at our newsletter if you haven’t), designed to reduce energy usage by up to 50% compared to a standard medical air plant. We are taking incremental, and essential, steps to help the NHS achieve its Net Zero target.
Now, for the end of our story: the last part of our 3-phase testing and commissioning ended last weekend, and the new energy efficient dental vacuum plant has been successfully installed in the Paisley hospital. Connect Medical Systems are pretty proud of the way things turned out, and we have every intention of providing each and every customer with service and support this way.
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